Dance Classes

We offer a variety of dance classes across the Denver metro area, find your branch below to see what is offered in your community:


Glendale Sports Center (call 303 639 4711)

Ballet Ages 3-5

These little dancers will learn all the rudiments of classical ballet through inspiring imagery and stories.  They will also use their natural energy to learn to jump and move in a graceful way.

Ballet Ages 6-9

These young dancers will start to master the barre which train each part of the body for the exercises and combinations learned.  They will also be introduced to all the French technical terms which are used in Classical Ballet.

Dance Jam Beginner or Intermediate

Kids will be able to learn confidence, discipline and fun choreography.  Students will enjoy an aerobic warm-up followed by a section focused on learning new moves (old school and current) that they will incorporate into a final dance routine performed on the last day of class.

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Southwest Family YMCA (call 303 761 7530)

Ballet I

Beginning ballet introduces basic ballet to 3-5 year olds while encouraging creative movement, self expression, and body awareness.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

An introductory class for children 5 to 8 years old who love dance and gymnastics.

Rhythmic Gymnastics combines the artistry of dance along with movements using hand apparatus’ such as ribbons, hoops, and balls to create a beautiful sport!

Hip Hop

This hip hop class is high-energy and fun for both boys and girls who want to learn cool hip hop moves. Students will learn basic steps and be encouraged to discover their creative side! Also, students will understand and demonstrate dance skills and will understand the benefits of dance for lifelong fitness.

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Schlessman Family YMCA (University Hills, call 720 524 2750)

Rhythmic Gymnastics

This form of gymnastics combines the artistry of dance with precise movements using hand apparatus’ such as ribbons, hoops, ropes, and balls to create a beautiful sport. We have a highly rated coach; our team and gymnasts have won national and state titles! Levels 1-3.

Hip Hop/Jazz

A fun and upbeat environment for beginner dancers (both girls and boys). This class offers students the chance to warm-up, stretch, and learn age appropriate styles of popular dance to their favorite songs!  Students will enjoy learning Jazz technique as a fundamental aspect of a well rounded dance education followed by learning a hip hop/jazz dance routine to show off to their family and friends!

Beginning Ballet

The Joy of dance and movement is introduced to youth of all ages in our YMCA dance program. Pre-Ballet classes are designed to help young children ages 3-5 learn the basics of dance.

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