Swim Lessons

With a 150-year history of helping people learn to swim, the Y’s swimming classes are designed to teach this lifelong skill to people of all ages and skill levels in a safe environment. The Littleton Y offers 2 week summer swim lesson sessions monthly and 4 week sessions during the non summer months.

Parent and Child, 6 months to 36 months

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Parent - Child (ages 6-36 months) The primary objective of this class is to provide a positive first aquatic experience for children while bonding with their parents. Children will participate in group activities and games which emphasis basic movement in the water such as kicking, arm movements and breath control. Additional activities are based on the developmental abilities of the child. Children are required to wear swim diapers under their swimsuit (No Regular Diapers). One adult per child is required; couples are encouraged.

Preschool Swim Lessons (ages 3-5)

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PIKE: Ages 3-5. This level is for the beginner swimmer with little or no ability to swim independantly. Chilren will learn: basic paddling strokes (front, back & side), kicking skills. and gain comfort having their faces in the water.

EEL: Ages 3-5.  This level is for the Intermediate/Beginner swimmer that has some knowledge and ability to swim independently.  Children will build on the basic paddling strokes (front, back, & side) and kicking skills while building endurance to swim farther distances.

School Aged Swim Lessons (ages 6-14)

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POLLIWOG: Ages 6-14.  Beginning level for school age children.  Students will learn to float on their back and front as well as paddle on their front, back, and side.
GUPPY: Ages 6-14.  Beginner/Intermediate level.  The swimmer should be able to swim on their front and back unassisted with a float belt.  Swimmer is able to complete a front and back float unassisted.
MINNOW/FISH: Ages 6-14.  Minnow:  Intermediate swimmer who is able to swim the front crawl and backstroke unassisted / Fish:  Should be able to perform the backstroke, front overarm stroke with rotary breathing (good form for 25 yards), and will progress on breaststroke, sidestroke, and elementary backstroke for 25 yards.
FLYING FISH/SHARK: Ages 6-14.  Advanced I & II.  Swimmer should be able to perform front crawl with bi-lateral breathing, backstroke, back crawl, elementary backstroke, & sidestroke for 100 yards and swim the butterfly for 15 yards.

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