The great thing about baseball is the game progresses with the skills of the child. By offering t-ball through player pitch, athletes at all levels can enjoy the game. Age appropriate rules also help to keep the games moving and teach kids the rules and traditions of baseball.

  • Fall I Registration Dates: July 3, 2017- August 4, 2017
  • Fall I Season Dates: August 21, 2017- October 7, 2017


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1st and 2nd grade coed coach pitch

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Our baseball is centered around player skill development based on sportsmanship, teamwork and the fundamentals of the game. Teams will practice one hour per week and play at least one game per week. Games will be played on Saturdays. Practice nights vary by team, but will be the same night each week.
Non Members $76/Members $53 (to qualify as a member you must be in a YMCA operated HOA)

Youth Sports Contact Info

Athletic Director - Alex Miller    303 452 9622

Sports Coordinator - Mary Brennan     303 452 9622