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Right now, the Annual Campaign to support our YMCA is in full swing. 

When you give to this important Annual Campaign, you improve the lives of people right here in Aurora. You support programs for better health and wellness, you help teens reach their full potential, and you give people opportunities to come together and give back. 

You also help kids like Quinton.

Being raised by his mom and grandma, “Quince” had no one to talk to about “guy” things, or to show him how to change a tire or fix a computer. He was quiet and reserved, and he didn’t know how to open up. 

Through the Y’s Reach and Rise Mentoring program, Quince is learning positive behaviors. He’s developing a sense of purpose, along with character and confidence. And he and his mentor Vince have built a powerful bond that will bring out the best in each of them throughout their lives.   

Through the Annual Campaign you can help more people like Quince and Vinnie become the very best they can be. 

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