We want to improve your experience at the YMCA, so we’re reaching out to you more often so that we stay on top of your concerns and address them as quickly as we can. We appreciate the 1,200+ members who participated in our member satisfaction survey in August.   

Here are some things you shared with us in our August survey: 

  • Your overall perception is that the Y offers high quality at a low cost. 

  • The YMCA contributes to the quality of life in the neighborhood/community. 

Things You Said You Liked: 

  • Members feel safe and welcome.  

  • Centers are clean and well maintained. 

  • Your membership is a good value. 

  • Our front desk is knowledgeable. 

Things You Said We Need to Work on: 

  • Fostering more community & help with your goals. We’re committed to doing a better job of getting to know you - to learn more about your health goals but also your interests. That way we can suggest Y programs, clubs or fitness challenges that you may be interested in. If there is an opportunity, we’ll connect you with fellow Y members with shared interests.  

We want you to get the most out of your membership and enjoy your Y  community. 

Did you know... 

  • Members can take advantage of a FREE discovery session with a YMCA wellness professional. 

  • We have regular Sudoku, gardening and book clubs as well as cooking demonstrations. 

Ask about these offerings at the front desk of your wellness center. 

  • Customer Service. Members told us we can do a better job to promptly address or resolve their concerns. Staff are re-dedicated at our wellness centers and in our Solution Center to improve the response to you. You may hear from us in-person or by phone or email. In our recent survey, if you asked to be contacted, one of our staff reached out to you. Our goal is to be swift and responsive.  

Did you miss our recent survey? Look for a follow up survey in October.  

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns and for being part of our YMCA.