PDC Energy Shows “Community Matters” with Generous $25,000 Grant to the YMCA of Metro Denver

December 10, 2021

The slogan that drives the work at PDC Energy - a natural resource development company headquartered here in Denver - is “Community Matters.” It’s embedded in their company culture. It inspires every employee, from the summer interns to the CEO, to invest their time, effort and dollars into the communities in which they live and work.

When a member of the PDC Energy charitable committee (and a long-time YMCA member) suggested the Y as a potential recipient of their $25,000 grant, the room lit up. Committee members started sharing their own Y stories. They talked fondly about the smell of chlorine in the pool, the comfortable and inviting environment at the gym, the joy their kids experience at YMCA childcare centers. When they voted on who should be the recipient of this year’s grant, the committee unanimously chose the Y.

“Everyone had their hand up,” said Katie Tate, Senior Local Affairs Specialist for PDC Energy. “The Y touches so many lives and makes an impact in so many different ways. It was a win-win for us.”

Even more than their positive personal experiences, the PDC committee selected the YMCA because it aligned with their company’s values. The Y’s dedication to building strong, equitable communities that support well-being for all is important to the PDC team. The youth development programs were also noteworthy to the committee. Some of them have kids that are currently enrolled in these programs and have seen the benefits firsthand.

“Everyone has an experience with the Y,” a committee member shared. “Maybe they went as a kid or are members today. The whole committee smiled when we brought it up as an option.”

The YMCA of Metro Denver extends a big thank you to the PDC energy team for this generous $25,000 gift. These dollars will significantly impact our commitment to making the Y more accessible and creating fond memories for youth and families.