survey member satisfaction

May 31, 2022

As the YMCA continues to meet the needs of our members, we want to share the findings from our latest survey, as well as updates about how we’re addressing your concerns. More than 650 members responded to our March survey, and, as always, we value everyone’s input and feedback.  

Here are some things you shared this time: 

  • An increasing number of members say the Y provides a positive, upbeat and welcoming environment. 

  • More members also say they find a strong sense of community at the Y.

Things You Said You Liked: 

  • The atmosphere at the Y is safe and friendly. 

  • Y staff and instructors regularly greet members and strive to make them feel welcomed. 

  • Parking is easy and accessible. 

  • The Y is clean and well-maintained. 

Things You Said We Need to Work on:

  • Customer service and engagement. While feedback improved in these areas, they remain important goals for the Y. To further engage members, we continue to add programs and classes covering a range of interests, from cooking and nutrition to art and dance.  

    Through our new membership model, we are also providing greater flexibility and options for Y amenities. We have been working on improvements and renovations at our wellness centers to elevate our spaces and create an even more welcoming environment.  
  • Experience. We want your experience at the Y to exceed expectations. We are not only offering more classes and programs but refining them based on your feedback. Additionally, we are implementing broader and more consistent staff training. Staff are looking forward to learning more about your health goals and interests, recommending Y programs and activities to you but also introducing you to other Y staff and members so that the Y is supporting your overall life goals. 

Did you know . . .  

  • We welcome opportunities to tell you about Y programs or activities. Stop by the front desk at your wellness center and let us get to know you better.  

  • We are here for you. Staff at all Y Wellness Centers and the Y Solution Center are always available to respond to issues or concerns. 

Your feedback is helping us improve your experience at the Y, to be the “third place” in your life – between work and home. The Y is where you will always find community, connections and friendships. We are glad you are part of the Y family. 

Some member comments:

"I have a long association with the YMCA. I’ve had consistently positive experiences at the Y throughout my life, and have always felt welcome when I’ve used Y’s in other cities. The YMCA does a lot of good work in building communities."

"The Y has been my family for a number of years - I definitely feel at home there."

"The Y has been really great for me, the price, the people and the flexibility of having multiple locations. "