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Member Orientation

Connect on a Personal Level

Are you new to our YMCA? Feeling lost in your current workout plan? In just one conversation, our fitness staff can determine how the Downtown Denver Y will help you achieve personal goals! Whether you have questions about proper equipment usage, the style of training that best fits your fitness level or what group exercise classes we offer, a Member Orientation is the perfect way to get started or refocus! 

If more time is needed, we will schedule a follow-up session to further discuss necessary steps toward a healthier you!

Why the Y? Multiple Avenues to Success

For some, the Member Orientation may be the beginning of their fitness journey. Others may be stuck in a loop of sudden enthusiasm followed by discouragement and just need some extra support. Luckily, the Orientation conversation is driven by you, the member! Our fitness staff act as an ear to listen and give direction where need be.

  • If you want to challenge yourself, our staff may direct you to some intense group fitness classes or even set you up for a free trial of personal training!
  • Maybe your interest lies in something completely different, our staff may suggest a session or few of Pilates Reformer!
  • And if you simply need to know how to properly use a treadmill, we can do that too!

Free Fitness Orientation