Retirement Fund | Denver YMCA

Retirement Fund

As part of our commitment to Y employees, we are proud to offer a plan to help employees save and prepare for retirement. The Y provides the opportunity to participate in one of the largest pension plans in America.

Employees can enroll in the YMCA Retirement Fund after they are eligible to participate. 

The YMCA contributes 10% of employees' earnings to this Y Retirement Fund. Employees can make additional contributions to the fund, which provides increased benefits at retirement. Additional contributions may be made on a tax-deferred basis, and they can be made before employees are eligible for the YMCA to contribute.

This is a great way for employees to save for the future, whether they choose the Y as a career or for a short term. To learn more, contact Human Resources at hr@denverymca.orgFor additional information or to check your fund balance, visit or call 1 800 RET YMCA.

Participation Requirements

  • Must have worked for 2 years for the Y and have completed 1,000 hours of employment within each of those or any two years
  • Must be at least 21 years of age

Program details

  • The annualized interest credits are determined every six months by the Fund's Board of Trustees, and credited monthly to employees' accounts. Interest for the last 5 years has averaged an 3.6% return.
  • Employees receive quarterly statements that detail account balance, interest credit, and vesting information.
  • Accounts with the Retirement Fund also include Death and Disability Benefits.

For details, visit