Vacation and Paid Time Off - FT Staff

It is beneficial for a healthy spirit, mind, and body that employees have time away from work to spend with friends and family. Full-time employees receive vacation, sick, and personal time as well as 10 paid holidays each year as outlined in the Personnel Procedures and Guidelines:


Each full-time employee receives 10 paid holidays as defined in the Personnel Procedures and Guidelines.


Paid vacation is earned on an accrual basis. See the Personnel Procedures and Guidelines for the schedule.

Sick Time:

5 days of paid sick time are granted to full-time employees after their first 90 days of employment. An additional 5 days are granted on their first anniversary date. Additional days are granted according to the schedule in the Personnel Procedure and Guidelines.

Personal Time:

Full-time employees receive 24 hours of personal time off with pay each year (after their first 90 days of employment) to cover leave for non-business reasons.