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Swim Lessons

The YMCA has been teaching people to swim for more than 150 years, at Greenfield we continue that legacy with summer swim lessons. From private/semi-private to parent/child and school aged group lessons, we will get you ready to enjoy the water.

School Aged Swim Lessons (ages 6-14)

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Guppy - Advanced Beginner - Ages 6-14

Children should already be able to paddle front, back and side 25 yards each with a float belt and 20 feet without a float belt or instructor assistance; front and back float for 30 seconds; jump in deep water unassisted. Students work on backstroke, front crawl, treading water and basic rotary breathing will be introduced. 

Fish - Intermediate - Ages 6-14

Children should already be able to perform (in good form): front crawl stroke with rotary breathing and open turns for 50 yds, breaststroke, sidestroke, back crawl, and elementary back stroke for 50 yards continuously; tread water for 60 seconds. Fish is designed for the school aged intermediate-advanced swimmer. Students will continue their focus on techniques for freestyle with rotary breathing, backstroke, breast stroke and treading water while increasing endurance.

Private/Semi Private

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After purchasing sessions, please contact 720 870 2221 to schedule your lessons.