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Inspiration and positive energy that saves lives

A year ago Patrick Woltemath had pneumonia and was diagnosed with lung disease. He needed eight liters of oxygen a day just to walk around the house, and he had a heart condition that was further burdening his already-taxed lungs. His prognosis was grim, until he found the Y. And inspiration, and positive energy.

At the Y, he immediately met with a trainer who was personal and sincere. Every day, there was someone who encouraged him and kept him going. He says the Y never made his experience about competition or having to perform. The Y focus was always on health.

Through it all, Patrick continued his medications and underwent heart surgery. His heart and lung condition reversed, his BMI dropped four points, and his need for oxygen almost completely went away.

Patrick has now become a volunteer and staff member at the Southwest YMCA. “I see what the Y can do, and I love to share that with people every day,” he says.


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