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Fitness Classes

Every week at the Littleton YMCA we offer over 60 fitness classes that are included with membership. Classes with 'ALL' after the description are taught at multi-level formats to cater to all levels of fitness.  Download a monthly schedule here to get started. 

Back Conditioning: Developed with Physiotherapy Associates, this class stretches and strengthens the muscles of the back and the muscles that affect them. All activities are considered “gentle” stretching and strengthening of those pertinent back muscles. ALL

Barre Sculpt: Barre is a fat burning and muscle shaping workout, utilizing isometrics and elongating principles used in ballet, yo- ga, and dance. This zero impact workout is perfect for any age or fitness level. If you desire the long, graceful lines of a dancer, or just want to exercise without bothering an injury, this is the perfect burn for you.

Body Blast: A mix of high energy cardio and weight intervals. Keep your heart pumping while you sculpt lean, strong muscles. Boot Camp: A high intensity workout combining cardio, plyometrics, agility and body weight exercises to achieve improved fitness levels and maximum calorie burn.

BOSU Core and Strength: Utilizing the BOSU and free weights to focus on core strength, balance and posture, agility and functional strength

BOSU Xpress: Short on time? Then this is the class for you! Challenge all your muscles in this 45 minute cardio, sculpting and abs class.

Cardio Core Plus: This class utilizes the BOSU, step, and free weights in an interval type class including 35 minutes of cardio, fol- lowed by strength, balance, and core work.

Cardio Fusion: Something for everyone! It is a fusion of different cardio styles, including high low cardio, step, creative drills, power intervals, muscle conditioning, plyometrics, strength training. Come to the class, have fun and get your workout done!

Cardio Kick: A great cardiovascular workout combining martial arts with kickboxing. Easy to follow choreographed routines which include kicks and punches. This class is a great workout and will get your heart pumping!

Chisel It: Want to sculpt great muscles? This class can help you do that! Utilizing a bench, weights, balls and bands, this class will lead you through a 45 minute sculpting class to improve muscle tone and strength. ALL

Cycling: Experience one of the best indoor cycling workouts around! Certified instructors will take you through an imaginary ride up hills and through scenic landscapes. This workout can benefit everyone from beginners to world class cycling enthusiasts.

Gentle Stretch: This class follows a series of gentle stretches designed to increase flexibility and relaxation. Active Older Adult HIT: This high intensity class focuses on pushing your muscles and cardio endurance to their potential!! Great class if you want a quick kick butt kind of workout!

Hybrid Plus: This class combines low impact aerobics and step aerobics, including a warm-up, 20 minutes of low impact aerobics, 20 minutes of step aerobics, abdominal work and cool-down. ALL

Hatha Yoga: An effective way to stretch and tone the muscles and reduce stress. Learn some of the most popular yoga poses which work to promote circulation, balance, and flexibility. Build a strong spirit, mind and body. ALL

Nia: Combines the fun and energy of dance, the explosive power of Martial Arts, the gentle flow of Tai Chi with the breathing and flexibility of yoga into one body/mind/spirit cardio workout. All fitness levels welcome! Be prepared to go barefoot, move and have fun! ALL

Pilates: This class features the movements made famous by Joseph Pilates, and emphasizes core strengthening, enhances long muscle structure while increasing flexibility. The focus is on proper breathing techniques, balance and strength. ALL

Pilates Fusion: is a class that blends standing ballet work, mat pilates, stretching and relaxation/meditation. It is an excellent way to build strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Come join the fun! ALL

Power Pump: A class designed to work your whole body using barbells and weights. The focus is on strengthening and defining muscles. Great for both men and women!

Sports Conditioning: This is a dynamic class combining intervals of strength, muscle endurance, and sports conditioning.

Stability Plus: This class uses three different sizes of stability balls to help develop functional strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. This is a great way to train those “core muscles” – your abdomen and lower back. ALL

Stations of Balance: This station based balance class will assist in balance through every day movements. No impact and low intensity to help you stay on your feet! ALL

Step and Sculpt: This is a fun cardiovascular workout combining step moves on and around an adjustable platform. Class includes abdominal work and stretching.

Tai Chi Basics: This class is the core movement for Tai Chi Chuan, covering posture, basic stances and style of movement. exercises. Classes will begin with warm up stretching and move into Tai Chi Chuan. This class is suitable for students of any age or fitness level, and makes a great warm-up for continuing into the Tai Chi Chuan class. ALL

Tai Chi Chuan: Tai Chi Chuan is a centuries old martial arts practice for gently toning, strengthening and loosening body, mind and spirit. It is a weight-bearing exercise that relies on mind and body working together, without the “sweat and burn” of convention- al western exercise. Practicing Tai Chi will improve balance, flexibility, muscle tone, concentration, strength, and other stress- related disorders.

Total Fitness: A well balanced workout designed for the beginner or returning exerciser that includes low impact aerobics, strength endurance using balls, light weights and bands, and stretching. ALL

willPower & Grace: This workout is the ideal cardiovascular solution for mind-body practitioners. It's equipment-free; barefoot, and infused with positive, strengthening philosophy. ALL

Zumba: Is a fusion of Latin and International Music-dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting, effective fitness experience. The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.