Membership Terms and Conditions | Denver YMCA

Membership Terms and Conditions


Members of the YMCA agree to abide by the rules, policies, and code of conduct, as stated here and in the Member Guide of the YMCA of Metropolitan Denver, including changes approved by its governing bodies in accordance with its Charter and By-Laws.

Members and guests are expected to behave in a mature and responsible way, and to respect the rights and dignity of others. The YMCA does not permit language or any action that would tend to hurt or intimidate another person, including staff, or that falls below a generally accepted standard of conduct.

All members and guests are required to present a valid photo identification card when using YMCA facilities and participating in YMCA programs. Membership privileges and cards are not transferable, remain the property of the YMCA of Metropolitan Denver, and must be returned upon request.

Members must be 18 years old to enroll in the YMCA of Metropolitan Denver without a parent authorizing the application.



In the event of an accident, injury, or incident, members and guests should contact a staff member immediately. First-aid kits are available throughout the Y, along with automated external defibrillators.

Age Guidelines

  • Children under the age of 8 are not allowed in the Fitness Center.
  • Children ages 8 to 10 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • Children also must attend a fitness orientation with a parent or guardian before using equipment.
  • Children ages 11 to 13 can use the Fitness Center without a parent or guardian but must attend a fitness orientation with a parent or guardian before using equipment.
  • Children ages 14 and up can use the Fitness Center without a parent or guardian and no orientation is required.


Proper dress for a family-friendly facility is expected at all times. Shirts, bottoms and shoes are to be worn at all times except in pool and locker room areas. Clothing with vulgar or profane writing or pictures is not allowed. Athletic shoes (no black soles), shirts and shorts are appropriate for gym and work out areas.

Cell Phones and Cameras

Phone calls should be made only in designated areas, and use of electronics should not disrupt others. Cameras should not be used in locker rooms, restrooms, changing areas, or showers. When using a camera or other recording device, members and guests should be respectful of the privacy of others.

Class Cancellations

The YMCA reserves the right to cancel classes due to insufficient registration or attendance or inclement weather conditions.

Data Security and Privacy 

The YMCA is committed to providing the highest level of security to members. Personal information, payment information, and other data transmitted through our system are encrypted. Please review our entire privacy policy here.

Drug, Tobacco, and Alcohol Free

The use of illegal and recreational drugs, tobacco, and alcohol on YMCA grounds is prohibited. Members should refrain from coming to Y facilities if they are under the influence.

Food and Beverages

Food and drinks can be enjoyed in certain areas at each facility.


We encourage members to introduce your friends and family to the YMCA. Members (ages 18 and over only) may bring guests, maximum two guest per visit, guest must be accompanied by a member during visit. Each guest can visit up to three times per year at no charge. After three visits, we ask that they join the Y or pay a day pass fee. If a guest is under 18 years of age, the legal guardian and/or parent must sign a guest waiver. Members who are under 18 years of age, cannot bring in another minor as a guest without an adult present.

Members must stay with their guests and be responsible for them during the visit. Guest privileges do not include program access, and branches may suspend or limit the use of guest passes during peak periods. Guests must present a valid photo identification.

All guests are asked to abide by YMCA policies and procedures, sign a Guest Waiver of Liability, submit a photo to YMCA records and present photo identification.  The YMCA reserves the right to perform background checks on its guests through sex offenders’ screening services. Registered sex offenders and those individuals with any criminal conviction for an act that is contrary to the YMCA values and mission may not be eligible to access the YMCA.


Members and guests must shower before entering pools. They are asked to shave only in the shower or sink area, and to be courteous of fellow members and guests and abide by the posted rules at each facility.

Locker Room Key and Lock Rental

Members and guests are welcomed to lock their belongings while at the Y. To rent a key or lock for a YMCA locker, members and guests should present their membership card, photo identification, or staff-authorized guest pass to the front desk. There is a penalty for lost keys or locks.

Lost/Stolen Property 

The YMCA of Metropolitan Denver will not be liable for lost or stolen items while members and/or program participants are on YMCA premises or engaged in YMCA activities. Members and guests are responsible for their own possessions. Valuables should be left at home or in a secured locker.

Lost and Found

Items that are found and turned in are kept at the front desk of each facility. Unclaimed articles are donated to charity.

Photograph and talent release

The YMCA may photograph or record activities involving YMCA members and program participants for documentation or promotion. Through the membership agreement, members release the YMCA to use any photos or videos of them, and understand that we do not compensate for these images.


The YMCA is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for every member and guest. To promote safety and comfort for all, we ask individuals to act appropriately at all times when they are in the YMCA facilities or participating in YMCA programs. 

  • Use of Caution. Members and guests should exercise caution when participating in classes, using equipment, or swimming, and to supervise their children. Also, members and guests are asked to use protective equipment where necessary. 
  • Security Cameras.To protect members, staff, and volunteers, certain YMCA areas are under surveillance. 
  • Sexual Offender Background Check Policy. We consider it of great importance to provide a safe and threat-free environment. For this reason the YMCA monitors the sexual offender registry. Persons on the list will not be eligible for YMCA membership, guest privileges, program participation, volunteer or employment opportunities with this YMCA. The YMCA reserves the right to deny access or membership to any person who has been charged with or convicted of any crime involving sexual abuse or who is required by law to register as a sex offender. The YMCA reserves the right to perform background checks on its members and guests by periodically review sex offenders’ lists. Registered sex offenders and those individuals with any criminal conviction for an act that is contrary to the YMCA values and mission may not be eligible to hold membership.
  • Weapons. Possession, sale, distribution, or carrying of weapons, including guns, knives, and explosives, is prohibited and will result in an immediate dismissal from the premise and possibly cancellation of a membership.


Membership in the YMCA of Metropolitan Denver is renewed indefinitely until written notice of cancellation is provided by the member, or is cancelled by the YMCA. Members can end Y membership at any time. To do this, members must complete a Cancellation Form available at the front desk. The form must be submitted regardless of whether members pay by automatic draft or by invoice. YMCA members who pay by automatic draft must submit the Cancellation Form at least 30 days before the scheduled draft to ensure cancellation is effective by that draft.

If membership is terminated within 30 days of joining, members will receive a full refund of the joining fee and dues. Members who pre-pay semi-annually or annually will be refunded for the unused portion of the membership minus a service charge. Refunds are not available if members are paying on a monthly basis.

Members who renew membership within 30 days of termination will not have to pay a joining fee again.


In consideration of being permitted to participate in YMCA programs and use YMCA facilities and services (collectively, the “Activities”), I, the undersigned, agree as follows: I understand and acknowledge that the Activities involve certain known and unanticipated risks that could result in injury or death to me or others, and/or damage to property belonging to me or others. I agree that I am in good health, with no physical conditions that might cause injury to me, and that I am able to handle the risks associated with the Activities. I warrant that I have inspected the YMCA’s premises and all facilities and equipment thereon (hereafter “Premises”) and accept them as being safe and reasonably suited for the Activities.

I hereby voluntarily release and forever discharge the YMCA, its directors, officers, agents, and employees, from any and all claims, demands, actions, and/or liabilities based on or arising from injury, loss, damage or death to me or others or to property belonging to me or others (collectively, “Claims”), caused by or sustained in connection with my use of the Premises or my participation in the Activities, regardless of where such Claims arise, including but not limited to any and all Claims based on or arising from the negligent acts or omissions of the YMCA, its directors, officers, agents, or employees, or any other persons or entities.

I promise not to sue or otherwise maintain or assert any Claim against the YMCA, its directors, officers, agents, or employees, for any injury, loss, damage or death to me or others or to property belonging to me or others caused by or sustained in connection with my use of the Premises or my participation in the Activities.

I agree that I will indemnify the YMCA for the defense of any such Claims asserted by me or others (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs), and for any liabilities based on or arising from such Claims.

I recognize that if anyone is injured or dies or if any property is damaged while I am on the premises and/or engaged in the activities, I will have no right to make a claim or file a lawsuit against the YMCA, or its directors, officers, agents, or employees, even if they or any of them negligently caused the injury, death, or property damage.


By participating in the YMCA Nationwide Membership Program, I agree to release the National Council of Young Men’s Christian Associations of the United States of America, and its independent and autonomous member associations in the United States and Puerto Rico, from claims of negligence for bodily injury or death in connection with the use of YMCA facilities, and from any liability for other claims, including loss of property, to the fullest extent of the law.


I understand that this is the entire agreement between myself and the YMCA, its directors, officers, agents, and employees, and that it cannot be modified or changed in any way by the representations or statements of any employee or agent of the YMCA or by me. I agree that no oral representations, statements, or inducements, apart from the foregoing written Agreement, have been made to me.


I agree to pay for my membership in full in one payment. Refunds are not given for the joining fee portion of my payment. Upon cancellation refunds are available for the unused portion of the membership dues, minus a service charge of $25.00.

Alternatively,I elect to pay my membership monthly and, hereby authorize the bank noted during registration to remit monthly drafts drawn by the YMCA on the account filled in, or through the credit card entered during registration. I understand that membership drafts will continue until I provide written authorization to cancel the draft. When the bank/credit card company honors the draft by charging my account, such drafts constitute my receipt for payment. In the event that my draft payment is returned unpaid, it will be collected electronically. I understand that my account will also be charged for a collection service charge of $25.00 (or the maximum amount allowed by law) and that I will be responsible for any other associated collection costs.

The monthly electronic withdrawal will be processed by the YMCA on the 1st or the 15th (based on the day of selection during registration) of each month or the next banking day. I understand that if any changes need to be made to my account, whether adding or deleting members, changing bank account information or canceling, all requests need to be in writing to the YMCA where membership was purchased, along with membership card, five business days before the scheduled draft. Failure to do so will result in that month’s draft being non-refundable.


I have carefully read and fully understand the above conditions of membership and release, waiver of liability, and indemnification agreement, and accept the terms of membership set forth above and in the membership policy. I am fully aware that this is a legal document with legal consequences. I am giving up rights I may otherwise have.


I give my permission to the YMCA of Metropolitan Denver to use, without any obligation to me, photographs, film footage or tape recordings that include the image or voice of me or my family for purposes of promoting YMCA programs and to contact me with news and promotions.


I understand and agree that the foregoing Release, Waiver of Liability, and Indemnification Agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted under the law of the State of Colorado, and that if any portion of the Agreement is held invalid, the remainder of the Agreement shall continue in full force and effect.