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Mentoring shows kids that anything is possible

Vinnie and Quince

Volunteer mentor Vinnie and 12-year-old Quince can be seen together every weekend, going to the movies, finding adventures, and exploring hiking trails. They may just hang out, but they always have fun. They are part of the YMCA’s Reach & Rise Mentoring program, which connects adults with teens and young kids who may not have in their lives a positive role model, a sounding board, or just another “grown-up” grownup who knows them and cares.

As a young boy being raised by his mom and grandma, Quince appreciates getting to do “guy things” with Vinnie. He was incredibly shy when they first met, but through the program, he has learned to open up more and more, and he has built a connection that’s increasing his self-esteem and decision-making skills.

And Vinnie himself is having fun. “This program lets me be a kid again, whether it’s seeing an animated movie, or skateboarding, or just being silly.”

The Reach & Rise Mentoring Program brings together mentors and mentees throughout the Denver area and is run through the Aurora Family YMCA at the Lakehouse.

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