Don’t Pass the Salt, Please!

July 17, 2017

This Summer: Don’t Pass the Salt, Please!

When it comes to a healthy diet, a tip people often hear is “watch your salt.” Why exactly is salt so bad for us? And with salt seemingly in everything we eat, how we can take steps to cut back?

The scoop on salt and sodium

First, it helps to understand that salt – in moderation – is not bad for you. Table salt is made up of...

Carb Myths

April 24, 2017

Spring Clean Your Nutrition by Clearing Up the Myth About Carbs

Carbohydrates get a bad rap in the health world. Many people cut out carbs assuming they are the culprit for unwanted weight gain. While a low-carb diet may be a good option for some, it is not necessarily the best nutrition plan for everyone. Before you clean out the carbs in your diet, it is important...

10 Tips to Prevent Child Abuse

April 19, 2017

Safe Kids. Strong Communities.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Join the YMCA of Metropolitan Denver and YMCAs across the country to protect kids and prevent child sexual abuse.

Help us raise awareness and take action to keep kids safe with these 10 tips to prevent abuse

Livestrong at the Y Launches in Denver

April 5, 2017

Cancer Survivors Find Confidence and Reduce Risk of Recurrence with Physical Activity

YMCA of Metropolitan Denver Offers Support Through LIVESTRONG  

Put Your Best Fork Forward

March 30, 2017

March is National Nutrition Month! With the theme “Put Your Best Fork Forward,” this month is all about the small ways you can make good food choices and take control of your health. While a new health and nutrition routine can seem daunting at first, focusing on these simple tips can make a big difference.