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March Madness and the YMCA

March 20, 2019

Did March Madness start at the YMCA?

While we can’t lay claim to the college championship tournament, the YMCA is where basketball was created. 

Four Home Exercises for a Healthy Heart

January 28, 2019

Four Home Exercises for a Healthy Heart 

By Ally Myer

A healthy heart is essential for your body to function. It affects your ability to move with ease, feel energized, and wake up alert. Blood carries oxygen, along with nutrients from the food you eat, fueling your muscles and your other organs. Because your heart is so essential, it’s just as important to keep it healthy....

Holiday Feasting: Take Back the Power

December 7, 2018

Holiday Feasting: Take Back the Power

By Cami Martin

Many people go into the holidays expecting to eat poorly. They surrender automatically and resign themselves to a future of winter weight gain and feeling sluggish. Instead, it’s possible to get out in front of the holidays and set the tone for how you want to feel, throughout December and into the New Year. Here’s how you...