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Stand up to Diabetes with Diet and Exercise

October 31, 2019

November is National Diabetes Month, and it’s the ideal time to assess your risk of the disease and take active steps to manage it or prevent it.

4 Things to Do During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

September 30, 2019

It’s October, and that means the color pink will start appearing everywhere – and for good reason. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an international health campaign promoting prevention, diagnosis, treatments and cures. Here are four ways to make the most of this important month.

How Do We Find Common Ground? By Sue Glass

September 13, 2019

As we celebrate this week, I challenge all of us to really consider how we, as individuals, see other cultures and how we are truly welcoming. I have my own story of being an “outsider” coming to a new world and having to adjust, and this experience has framed my perceptions, as a human being, as an American citizen, and as a leader at the YMCA, an organization built on diversity and inclusion...

7 Ways to Fight Childhood Obesity

August 28, 2019

In recognition of National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month in September, we’re sharing seven ways we can all help kids and improve their health.

Denver Y Changemakers Connect at YMCA175!

August 16, 2019

Eight representatives from the Denver YMCA joined 3,500 delegates from over 100 countries at YMCA175, a global youth event in London. The event celebrated 175 years of the YMCA’s impact on youth and communities and brought together young leaders and YMCA staff in a commitment to social justice and positive cultural change through promoting global equity and diversity.