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Join the 2.46 million people throughout the country who are embracing the sport of pickleball! This increasingly popular game combines the elements of tennis, badminton, and Ping-Pong for low-impact, fast-paced fun for people of all ages and skill sets. 

The game is played on the same size court as a doubles badminton court. On singles or doubles teams, players hit and volley plastic balls over the net, using paddles that are smaller than tennis racquets but larger than Ping-Pong paddles.  

  • The net is low and the ball is light, so it’s great exercise for people at all fitness levels.
  • The court is smaller than a tennis court, which means less running and more opportunities to socialize and make friends.
  • It’s easy to learn, easy to play, and easy on the joints.

Play at the Y!

The YMCA has pickleball leagues going on now in multiple branches. Contact your location below for more information, dates, and times. 

  • Glendale Sports Center at Infinity Park: 303 639 4711
  • Schlessman Family YMCA in University Park: 720 524 2750
  • Littleton Family YMCA: 303 797 9622
  • Susan M Duncan Family YMCA in Arvada: 303 422 4977