Scale the Summit Challenge

This summer come to the YMCA and Scale the Summit 

Every workout you do at the Y this summer will move you along the “trail” to fitness, prizes, and a chance to win a free month of membership!

The Scale the Summit Challenge kicks of July 10 and runs through August 20. 

YMCA members: Join us at the “trailhead” at your favorite branch and get ready to reach new peaks in health and wellness! (Not a member? Join here!)

How the Challenge works:
  • Pick-up your trail marker at the branch
  • When you complete 12 workouts at any YMCA facility, you’ll move from the “trailhead” to “basecamp” and be rewarded with your first “Scale the Summit” prize.
  • Do another 12 workouts, and you’ll reach the Summit! 
  • All members who make it to the top by August 20 get a YMCA water bottle AND will be be entered in a drawing for a free month of membership!

Tracking your moves

At the trailhead, you’ll receive a personal game piece. Move your game piece along the trail, throughout the YMCA, as you complete your Y workouts.

What counts as a workout?

Anything improves your health and spirit. Do the same workout every time, or mix it up! Get fit the way you want!

Get social to earn more entries!

Y members: Increase your chances to win a free month of membership by taking the Y with you! Share a photo of yourself doing your favorite outdoor activities, and use the hashtag #ScaleTheYSummit.

Every photo you share will earn you an extra entry into the membership drawing.

Please note: we can only count your photo entry is the post is public. We cannot see private posts or posts from private profiles. 

Start the journey to better health!

Stop by the front desk at your branch to learn more.