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Water Fitness Classes

Water Exercise Class 

At the Schlessman Y, we offer a variety of water based fitness classes at various activity levels:

  1. (+) Range of Motion Level
  2. (++) Moderate Activity Level
  3. (+++) High Activity Level

Arthritis Foundation Aquacise: (+) Water exercise program designed for anyone with arthritis. Classes include a series of specifically designed activities that help improve joint flexibility, relieve pain and stiffness. Sponsored by the National Arthritis Foundation. 

Mobility in Motion: (+) A water toning and conditioning class for people with arthritis and joint injuries. Co-sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation.

Aquacise: (++)  A great way to exercise with minimal impact on your joints. Class routines include a warm-up, moderate to high level aerobics, stretching and muscle toning. All abilities welcome. 

Deep Water: (+++) Deep water aerobics provides a no-impact, vigorous and comprehensive work-out that does not stress joints. We will use "noodles" in a variety of positions. A wide selection of music will keep us working and make it fun. Participants must be comfortable in deep water, but exercises will be provided in shallow water for non- swimmers. 

Let’s Move: (+++) A great way to exercise with minimal impact on your joints. Class routines includes warm-up, high cardio workout, and fun moves.

Aqua Tabata: (+++) This is an intense class where muscles are worked to fatigue using intervals. Not for the faint of heart. 

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