YMCA LOCATION ALERT: There will be no access to the Adult Locker Rooms from the elevator until further notice. Members must use the stairs. We apologize for the inconvenience, but our Family Changing Rooms on the main level are open to all members during this time.

Water Fitness Classes

Water Exercise Class 

At the Schlessman Y, we offer a variety of water based fitness classes at various activity levels:

  1. (+) Range of Motion Level
  2. (++) Moderate Activity Level
  3. (+++) High Activity Level

Arthritis Foundation Aquacise: (+) Water exercise program designed for anyone with arthritis. Classes include a series of specifically designed activities that help improve joint flexibility, relieve pain and stiffness. Sponsored by the National Arthritis Foundation. 

Mobility in Motion: (+) A water toning and conditioning class for people with arthritis and joint injuries. Co-sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation.

Aquacise: (++)  A great way to exercise with minimal impact on your joints. Class routines include a warm-up, moderate to high level aerobics, stretching and muscle toning. All abilities welcome. 

Deep Water: (+++) Deep water aerobics provides a no-impact, vigorous and comprehensive work-out that does not stress joints. We will use "noodles" in a variety of positions. A wide selection of music will keep us working and make it fun. Participants must be comfortable in deep water, but exercises will be provided in shallow water for non- swimmers. 

Let’s Move: (+++) A great way to exercise with minimal impact on your joints. Class routines includes warm-up, high cardio workout, and fun moves.

Aqua Tabata: (+++) This is an intense class where muscles are worked to fatigue using intervals. Not for the faint of heart. 

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