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Coach Connect Wellness Program

Coach Connect is a free 90-day health and wellness program for our members that helps keep you motivated and focused on your goals. Whether you want to build strength, take one of our group exercise classes or train for an event, we want to help get started in the right direction. You’ll work with one of our nationally-certified personal trainers to create a custom wellness program that gives you the tools you need to succeed.

Here is how the Coach Connect works:

  1. KICKOFF Our Coach Connect Wellness Program starts with a KickOff – Your Coach will develop a custom work-out plan designed around your goals, plus you’ll get two free guest passes just for attending this initial meeting.
  2. FIRST DOWN After your first 30 days, you'll connect with your coach to answer any questions or address any challenges.
  3. RED ZONE When you reach your 60-day mark, you'll once again meet with your coach to tweak your workouts and check on your progress.
  4. TOUCHDOWN Meet with your Coach to review your program and discuss your game plan moving forward. 

Rewards for discovering a healthier you

We know starting on a wellness program can be tough, especially within the first 90 days. Research suggests that individuals who complete 30 workouts in the first 90 days of beginning an wellness program are more likely to be committed to the program, see results and be satisfied with their progress even after an entire year. That’s why we want to reward you for reaching your fitness goals and staying motivated along the way. Earn an ExtraPoint - a discount off your membership dues - each time you reach a milestone in your wellness program. Each time you complete a workout, have it signed off by your Coach or a member of the Welcome Center Staff. Turn it in when you reach your  milestone and receive your discount towards your next month.

  • Month 1, complete 8 workouts (2 per week) and be rewarded with $8 off of your membership dues.
  • Month 2, complete 10 workouts (2-3 per week) and be rewarded with $10 off of your membership dues.
  • Month 3, complete 12 workouts (3 per week) and be rewarded with $12 off of your membership dues.

And because we know working out is more fun with a friend, we always give you a free month of membership for every friend you refer to the Y. Help others, share health, reward yourself - there’s no better place to start on a healthier you than at the Y.

To get started, contact the Southwest YMCA, 303 761 7530.