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Support Youth in Government

Help them Speak Up. And Stand Out.

Invest in the Next Generation.

Support the YMCA’s Youth in Government Program

Today’s kids are tomorrow’s leaders – the ones who will shape laws and define how our society functions. They will be politicians, journalists, attorneys, community activists, business owners, teachers, and parents.

They are our future. We can help them be their best through the YMCA’s Youth in Government.

Invest in education

Youth in Government is a unique program that lets students experience first-hand the inner workings of state government.

From the program, students build the confidence to lead others, speak out for legislation that they write themselves, and learn what it takes to create and pass the laws that govern our communities. The program gives them an opportunity to speak up, and stand out, with leadership skills, initiative, and intelligence that they will need in the future.

The Youth in Government program makes a difference for students. Many Youth in Government students go on to get accepted at acclaimed colleges and universities, often earning scholarships. And Youth in Government alumni are statistically more likely than other citizens to vote, get involved, and volunteer for campaigns, creating the future we all want.

Invest in kids

The Colorado Youth in Government Program has been building leaders in our state for over 50 years. To keep the program going strong and reveal the potential inside today’s students, support is always needed. 

  • Everyone is welcome. While there is a registration fee for Youth in Government, donations make it possible for the YMCA to offer scholarships to those who qualify. Because Youth in Government is a YMCA program, no one is ever turned away.
  • Planning for the fall session has started. The Y is actively expanding the program, seeking delegations from throughout the state so students even in remote areas will have an opportunity to join, learn, and lead.
  • National Conference is fast approaching. Every summer, select Youth in Government students represent Colorado in the YMCA Youth Conference on National Affairs. The YMCA strives to offer scholarships for this annual trip to Washington, DC.

Invest in the future

Donate today to the YMCA’s Youth in Government Program. Contributions go toward scholarships and program expenses. Together we can teach today’s generation to be tomorrow’s leaders, equipped to speak out to keep democracy strong. Contact Kimberly Armitage at 720 870 2221 for more information.

Additional Information

“It was the most impactful part of my high school career.”

Jacob Rodriguez joined the program his freshman year. With the help of a YMCA scholarship he attended throughout his high school years. Today, Jacob is studying at Harvard and attributes his success to his time spent in Youth in Government.