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KITE: Kids in Transition to Empowerment

The YMCA’s Kids in Transition to Empowerment (KITE) program provides an extra layer of support to help at-risk kids succeed.

Through KITE, youth get additional school-based attention and one-on-one guidance to overcome challenges, ease transitions and discover opportunities to thrive.

As a referral program funded by the Denver Department of Human Services, KITE is a resource for caseworkers, school teams and child advocates, and a boots-on-the ground approach to ensuring every child can reach their full potential.

How does KITE work?

Through the program, children and teens are referred to the YMCA by their Denver Department of Human Services caseworkers and voluntarily matched to a YMCA youth advocate.

This advocate is a consistent contact for children and families, empowered to help navigate human services, identify and access resources, and provide day-to-day support at school, at home, and in the community.

Benefits of KITE

With KITE, caseworkers get a solution to high caseloads and growing needs.

At the same time, kids get:

  • Consistent and ongoing encouragement and incentives
  • A sense of stability during times of transition between schools, group homes, or treatment centers
  • Educational support for completing homework, taking tests, and talking to teachers
  • Access to other YMCA youth development programs like sports, fitness classes and mentoring
  • Opportunities to prove themselves and excel

With KITE, children and teens can achieve new levels of success:

  • Stronger academic engagement
  • Improved school attendance
  • Better grades
  • Fewer suspensions and expulsions
  • Greater community involvement
  • Broader dreams for the future

How to take part in KITE

Eligible KITE participants are youth:

  • Between the ages of 10 and 18 who have an open DDHS case
  • Who live and go to school in the Denver Metro Area
  • Who are referred through their caseworker or CORE navigator
  • Caseworkers, school teams and child advocates can refer eligible participants to the program.

To refer a child or get more information, contact:

Bobbie Potter
KITE Coordinator
303 641 7914


Tim Droke
KITE Student Advocate
303 641 8914

Help kids soar with KITE!