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Peaceful Schools

Peaceful Schools 

A Community Partnership to Help Combat Bullying

Through a partnership with the Rotary Club, Peaceful Schools creates a safe environment for elementary school kids and – at the same time – provides service leadership opportunities to teens. 

In weekly sessions held in conjunction with students’ regular classes, Peaceful Schools teaches young kids positive social and emotional skills that help prevent bullying behaviors. 

Bullying is a nationwide problem affecting 1 out of every 4 children each month. For students, 15% of all school absences are out of fear of being bullied at school. 

Developed in collaboration with District Rotary 5450, the Conflict Center, and Operation Respect, Peaceful Schools emphasizes peace and safety. Children learn how to:

  • Establish positive relationships
  • Develop empathy for others
  • Resolve conflicts non-violently
  • Make responsible decisions

At the same time, the program trains older students to be Peaceful Schools instructors. 

Teens get an opportunity to:

  • Be role models for younger children
  • Teach kids how to understand their emotions and stand up against bullying
  • Meet school requirements for community service and volunteering
  • Gain skills in leadership and communication

Get involved!

Peaceful Schools is held at Elementary schools in the Denver Metro Area, and additional schools are in the process of joining. 

For more information, contact Amy Louvier at 720 326 0359