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Pilates Reformer in Littleton

Pilates Reformer Studio

Pilates Reformer — Be a Stronger, Better You

Strengthen your core and develop long lean muscles and flexibility

Pilates Reformer is a system of controlled movements performed on a special bed or frame with a moveable, sliding carriage or platform. Using cords and pulleys – and springs to increase and decrease resistance – Pilates Reformer provides a safe, effective way to strengthen your core, lower back, and abs, and build uniform, lean muscles.

Y instructor Colleen Mullin explains, “Pilates Reformer strengthens from the inside out, turning the body into a strong and healthy powerhouse. Many of my clients leave saying, ‘I feel taller.’”

Spirit, Mind and Body

The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is different from other exercise methods because it involves complete coordination of the body, mind, and spirit. It calls for a mental focus on breathing, precision of movement, balance, proper body alignment, and purposeful control. “In doing so,” says Mullin, “it engages the mind and body, elevates the spirit, and improves vitality and mental health. You feel better after every class.”

Pilates is Great for everyone

Another benefit of Pilates Reformer is that anyone can do it. Each exercise and movement can be scaled to fit each person’s abilities and fitness level. And because it is so safe and gentle, it’s great for physical therapy, and for people who are recovering from injuries or dealing with issues such as “bad knees” or “shoulder problems.” Pilates Reformer also provides effective cross-training for walkers, cyclists, runners, and swimmers. It’s an alternative for building core and abs strength and sculpting muscles, without going to the weight room or risking injuries that could disrupt your regular cardio routine.

Try out Pilates Reformer classes. The Y features: 

  • Top-notch certified Pilates Reformer instructors
  • Professional Pilates equipment
  • Class rates lower than those of many Pilates Reformer studios
  • Private instruction available

Call for pricing below, Y members receive a discount on all classes and packages.  

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