Education & Leadership

Through our leadership programs such as mentoring, Youth and Government, Counselors In Training, and Leaders In Training, the Y makes sure that every child has an opportunity to envision and pursue a positive future, and to take an active role in strengthening his or her community.

Group Mentoring Program

Group Mentoring to Strengthen Kids and Families

At the YMCA, we recognize that it takes a village to raise strong, confident children. To help make a positive difference in the lives of both parents and kids, the YMCA leads the free Reach & Rise Therapeutic Group Mentoring Program.

Through this program, children and teens ages 8 to 15 take part in weekly group activities with other kids and with positive adult role models in a supportive and fun environment.

Mentoring Program

The YMCA’s Reach & Rise program makes a difference in the lives of youth ages 6 to 17 who lack role models and who could benefit from a mentor.

Peaceful Schools

Through a partnership with the Rotary Club, Peaceful Schools creates a safe environment for elementary school kids and – at the same time – provides service leadership opportunities to teens.

Teen Leadership Programs

Teen Leadership at the YMCA

At the YMCA, youth ages 11 to 18 can find opportunities to learn and practice leadership skills and at the same time give back to their communities.

Through multiple programs going on year-round, teens build the confidence that comes from civic participation and develop team-building qualities that will help them succeed in high school and college and throughout life.

Activities and initiatives are in the works now for the following programs. Learn more:


Tobacco Prevention Program for Teens

The YMCA’s Tobacco-Free Aurora Program is teaching teens leadership and communications skills while empowering them to make a difference in the health and safety of their peers.

Y Achievers

Y Achievers emphasizes personal growth through leadership development, teamwork, personal responsibility and goal setting to underserved teens.

Youth in Government

The Denver YMCA’s Colorado Youth in Government Program gives students in 7th through 12th grade hands-on leadership and communications skills.