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Youth Sports Volleyball
Get in the game this winter through sports at the Littleton Y!

Youth Sports

Swim Lessons at the Littleton YMCA
Master the life-long sport of swimming through lessons at Littleton.

Swim Lessons

Fitness Classes at the Littleton YMCA
Updated daily & weekly schedules or fitness classes & the pool.

Class and Pool Schedules

Program for Cancer patients and survivors
A free cancer support & wellness program through Livestrong & the Y

Livestrong at the YMCA


Holiday Hours

The holidays are fast approaching. Take note of our holiday hours.

  • Thanksgiving hours: 7 am - 12 pm. Child Watch will be closed and all fitness and aquatic classes are canceled.
  • Black Friday hours: 5 am - 7 pm. Child Watch will be available from 8 am - 1:15 pm. Some fitness classes will be modified. Keep an eye on our schedule for updates. 

Autism Respite at Littleton

The YMCA Autism Respite Program gives kids with autism an opportunity to work toward their treatment goals in an environment that is safe, engaging, and conducive to their needs. Through one-on-one interaction and water-based activities, kids thrive, while families get a reprieve from their busy days. 

Save on Pilates Reformer Packages

Using cords and pulleys, Pilates Reformer provides a safe, effective way to strengthen your core, lower back, and abs, and build uniform, lean muscles. 

This month – from October 4 to October 14 – you save on all Littleton Family YMCA Pilates Reformer packages. 

Packages can be purchased online or at the front desk.

Eagle Spirit Academy

ESA is dedicated to teaching martial arts in a variety of different classes from taekwondo to kick boxing and self-defense. They offer classes at the Littleton Y for all ages and abillity.