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NEW Functional Fitness Room

We’re adding a Functional Fitness Room at the Southwest Y! In this space, you will be able to further train your muscles to work together and prepare for easier and safer movement. Functional fitness will stabilize your core by simulating common movements you might already do daily. Functional fitness exercises will make every day activities less strenuous and reduce your risk of injury.

Kid Connect!

Kids ages 9-12 can now earn access to the gymnasium, running track, cardio rooms, and some group fitness classes through a few easy steps:

  1. Complete and submit the application included in this brochure to the Welcome Center.
  2. Attend a Kid Connect orientation with their parent to learn about equipment, wellness spaces, and the Y.  (Monday, 10:30am or 6:00pm. Registration required.)
  3. Sign a pledge/acknowledgement that they will uphold the core values of the YMCA, abide by all expectations, and understand the consequences of their actions.

 This FREE program gives your child the opportunity to exercise some independence and healthy living while you are in the building doing the same!

Register for Before and After School Care

The YMCA's Before and After School Child Care provides a mentoring relationship between each child and our caring staff that maximizes personal empowerment, exploration, and learning.