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While our YMCAs are closed to the public, we are responding to the urgent needs in our community by providing Child Care for families of first responders & other essential workers + distributing food. Also, find more info on Y membership & programs.

Health + Fitness

Everyone can pursue health and fitness at the Denver YMCA. All members receive a free personal wellness plan, plus unlimited access to state-of-the-art fitness equipment and fitness classes. YMCA members find variety, encouragement, and advice to accomplish their fitness goals and lead healthy, active lives.

Active Older Adults

The Denver YMCA caters to seniors with classes, activities, and events that nurture their spirit, mind, and body.

Adult Sports

As people get older, it’s easy to forget how much fun sports can be – the activity, the competition, and the playful interaction with friends. At the Y, all the fun is still here.

Adult Swimming

The Y offers adult swim programs across the metro area, including Littleton Family YMCA, Schlessman Family YMCA in University Hills, Susan M. Duncan Family YMCA in Arvada, and the Southwest Family YMCA in Denver. During summers, the Y also offers programs at local outdoor pools.

Blood Pressure Self Monitoring

The Y’s Blood Pressure Self Monitoring Program teaches participants how to measure and track their blood pressure, eat healthier, and avoid high blood pressure triggers.

Diabetes Prevention

The YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program is specifically for people who are overweight and have "pre-diabetes" or are at risk for acquiring Type 2 diabetes. It is group-based and provides a full year of support. The program is delivered in 16, one-hour weekly sessions and 8 one-hour monthly sessions, facilitated by a trained Lifestyle Coach. We’ll cover nutrition, physical activity and behavior modification.

Fitness and Swim Schedule

The YMCA is a one-stop resource for open swim, lap lanes, and aquatics classes as well as unlimited fitness classes including BodyPump, yoga, cycling and more. Get schedules here.

Healthy Start: Member Orientation

Get Started is two complimentary sessions of individualized, one-on-one coaching support for Y members. It’s a sensible, easy to follow plan to help you make the most out of your wellness goals.

Healthy Weight and Your Child

Healthy Weight and Your Child empowers 7-13-year-olds, with the support of their families, to grow into a healthy weight and to live a healthier lifestyle.


Cancer support and wellness through YMCA and LIVESTRONG. Exercise can help you feel better – spiritually, mentally and physically – no matter your age or abilities. Also, it’s been proven that regular exercise releases endorphins, builds strength and improves confidence and self-esteem.

Lose to Win Weight Loss

Lose to Win! YMCA 12-Week Wellness & Weight Loss Program

Weigh less, live healthy and feel better at the YMCA

Lose to Win is a 12-week Wellness & Weight Loss program that helps people reach a healthy weight and meet their goals by making small, modest changes to their daily behaviors. With no gimmicks or short-term solutions, Lose to Win is about creating a healthy lifestyle of healthy habits and achieving wellness of the spirit, mind and body. 

Massage Therapy

Massages today are no longer just luxuries -- they’re part of a regular routine of mental and physical maintenance that can rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. And the massage services available at the Y are among the best in Denver.

Nutrition Program

To make sure you’re getting the most from the foods you eat, the YMCA can help.

Parkinsons Programs

The YMCA offers a variety of classes and programs to help people with Parkinson’s stay strong and keep moving.

Personal Training

The YMCA provides personal training and one-on-one support for all fitness levels. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone, or just feel better, the encouragement and experience of a certified personal trainer can make all the difference.

Pilates Reformer

Strengthen your core and develop long lean muscles and flexibility with Pilates Reformer.


The YMCA offers Yoga classes across the metro area including Hatha, Vinyasa, Gentle and Iyengar.