Wrapping up our Women’s History Month Celebration is our focus on women who have dedicated 20 plus years of service to the YMCA. That is an extraordinary feat!

Each woman has their own story of their time with the Y and we are sharing some of their important moments and words of wisdom. 

Word/s that describes your time at the Y? 

Abby Kenner: Fulfilling 
Mary Schiavone-Tricarico: Gratitude 
Pam McKenzie: Amazing journey! 
Correen Cool: Family 

Advice/words to share with staff at the Y today: 

Kimberly Armitage: Working for the Y is about what you want to do to help your community become stronger. 

Kim Schulz: Be courageous, always have a voice, and be your authentic self. 

Anne Henning: Get to know the members, be genuine, for if you are, you can really make a positive difference in the lives of our participants. 

Edith Lindsey: Tell everyone you’re glad they came and then have fun. 

Monique Bell: Come ready to work and work as a team to get the work done. 

Deb Guth: Accept all challenges and try new roles as they are available to you. 

Pamela Schultz: Being part of the YMCA and part of the fitness staff has completely changed my life and I have enjoyed it immensely. 

Sandy McClain: There are so many opportunities within the Y. If you have the passion, drive and are committed to the Y cause, you can make a lifelong career at the Y. 

Debbie Ford: Believe in the YMCA and the huge impact it has had will have on so many people in our community. 

Thank you for your commitment and for furthering the mission of the YMCA of Metro Denver!