Racism and discrimination have no place in our society and the YMCA of Metro Denver stands behind this belief in practice and policy. Our vision as an organization is to play an integral role in creating strong communities where people thrive, where there are no disparities or inequities, and where all people are living life to their fullest potential.

Our staff and volunteer leadership mourn the death of George Floyd alongside his family and friends and the community members who raise their voices in response to the injustice of his death. Unfortunately, avoidable tragedies like this one can make us all feel helpless and hopeless.

During unsettling times such as these, it seems inadequate to solely express our sorrow and grief. However, we recognize that while we cannot change what has occurred, we can continue to commit to a future where the Y works in partnership with the community to erase racism, inequities and disparities. We can only achieve this vision if we work together toward equity and collectively strengthen communities so all may thrive.

As we look ahead, we will continue to put the health and safety of our members and surrounding communities first. We will continue to safeguard our facilities and put into place policies that follow the guidelines set by our state and local governments. We do not condone violence as a response to injustice, but also recognize that silence is a loud statement. Instead, we choose to use our voice for systemic change and join others calling for justice and the eradication of racism and violence.

We invite you to join us in our efforts. The Y’s values of respect, caring, honesty, responsibility and innovation will continue to guide us as we navigate challenges our communities face. The Y is here for you and we firmly believe that together we are stronger.


Sue Glass

President and CEO

YMCA of Metro Denver