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Power Scholars Academy

Power Scholars Academy™

Powerful Summer Program Boosts Kids’ Reading and Math Skills and Self Confidence

At Power Scholars Academy™, scholars are preparing to succeed with special instruction and enrichment activities designed to keep them safe, healthy, and learning all summer long. 

The program reaches student “scholars” in K-6th grades at Wyatt Academy, Garden Place Academy and Omar D. Blair at an important time in their education – the summer when many kids experience learning loss. Studies show most students lose about two months of grade-level equivalency in math computational skills and in reading. Children from underserved families are especially at risk of falling behind.

Through Power Scholars Academy students gather every day for six weeks for learning experiences, a nutritious breakfast and lunch, and weekly mentor days and field trips. Daily, kids take part in:

  • Specialized instruction in literacy and math
  • Enrichment activities in leadership development, life skills, and health and fitness, as well as science, technology, and engineering
  • Community time and structured learning

The program is shown to boost reading and math skills, increasing confidence and ultimately improving graduation rates.

Power Scholars Academy is part of a national initiative by Y-USA and BELL – Building Educated Leaders for Life. The program is based on BELL’s evidence-based summer learning model, and delivered in partnership with eight Ys throughout the country, including the YMCA of Metropolitan Denver.

The program is one of the many ways the Y “hops the gap” in the resources available to scholars in underserved communities to help them learn, grow, and thrive.

For more information, contact Katie Cannon, Program Director, at kzhang@denverymca.org or 520 977 6803 .